Sunday, September 22, 2019

City Drive #015 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Part 1) - Downtown

Kari, a former Metro Transit bus driver, gives a tour of downtown
Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is one of several videos we'll be posting
of Minneapolis.

New Orleans Neighborhoods #18 - Tremé-Lafitte

New Orleans Neighborhoods #18 - Tremé-Lafitte

Tremé is a neighborhood of the city of New Orleans, in the U.S. state of
Louisiana. "Tremé" is often rendered as Treme, and historically the
neighborhood is sometimes called by its more formal French names of
Faubourg Tremé; it is listed in the New Orleans City Planning Districts
as Tremé / Lafitte when including the Lafitte Projects. Originally known
as "Back of Town", urban planners renamed the neighborhood "Faubourg
Tremé" in an effort to revitalize the historic area. A subdistrict of
the Mid-City District Area, its boundaries as defined by the City
Planning Commission are Esplanade Avenue to the east, North Rampart
Street to the south, St. Louis Street to the west and North Broad Street
to the north. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and
early in the city's history was the main neighborhood of free people of
color. Historically a racially mixed neighborhood, it remains an
important center of the city's African-American and Créole culture,
especially the modern brass band tradition.

Road Trip #437 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Mile 295-310

The video where Jason ends up in hysterics while trying to record the
voiceover. In today's video, we cover miles 295 through 310 on the Blue
Ridge Parkway. This area is dense with different stopping points and

We got the 504 Road Trips Saab Viggen back!

After 7 long months of being laid up, we finally shelled out the money
to get our 2001 Saab 9-3 Viggen fixed and back on the road. In this
video, we check out some of this unusual car’s quirks!

Road Trip #436 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Mile 280-295 (Stop at Moses H. Con...

Road Trip #436 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Mile 280-295 (Stop at Moses H.
Cone Estate)

Today, we cover miles 280 through 295 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North
Carolina. We pass the Grandview Overlook, Raven Rocks Overlook, Yadkin
Valley Overlook, Thunder Hill Overlook and enter the Moses H. Cone
Memorial Park, stopping at the Moses H. Cone Manor.

Road Trip #435 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Mile 265-280

In today's video, we travel from mile 265 to 280 on the Blue Ridge
Parkway in North Carolina. We pass the Mount Jefferson overlook,
Betsey's Rock Falls Overlook and the Lewis Fork Overlook. We enter the
E. B. Jeffress Park, and then pass the Tomkins Knob Overlook and the Elk
Mountain Overlook before passing several unnamed, undocumented
overlooks that we failed to stop at, so we don't know what's there.

City Drive #014 - Slidell, Louisiana

City Drive #014 - Slidell, Louisiana

We explore the city of Slidell, beginning in the Olde Towne area, and
moving out into the suburbs. This St. Tammany Parish town is part of
the New Orleans Metropolitan Area on the north shore of Lake
Pontchartrain at the junction of I-10, I-59 and I-12.